God’s Not Dead…(The Movie)

A Movie Critique by: Bill Perkins

Finally a decent movie made it to the theaters… it’s definitely worth seeing!

The fictional plot revolves around a college student refusing a professor’s request to sign a statement saying “God is dead.”

Overall it’s well produced and holds your interest throughout the movie. The characters are well played and believable. The sub-plots are (unfortunately) believable.

The scriptural problems are few, but just as an FYI, here are a few things we noticed that fell short of the scriptural mark. Some are subtle, some not.

 > There is a positive reference that the earth is millions of years old. In the first verse of Genesis, God said He CREATED the heavens and earth. But when you throw out Genesis, it undermines the entire Bible.

 > They quoted from the Gospels and misapplied the scriptures to those of us living in the Church Age. Satan’s always trying to confuse Believers by incorrectly applying all of Jesus’ Words to the Church Age. (We have a free video showing that one of Satan’s lies is that we should do everything Jesus says.)
Willie and Korie Robertson play themselves in “God ‘s Not Dead”

> Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, playing himself, says the words in the Bible attributed to Jesus (Red Letters) are more important than the words of Paul. But of course the Bible says “ALL” scripture is inspired by God.

 > The Gospel is poorly presented. We have a free article titled “Why Asking Jesus Into Your Heart Won’t Save You.” Click here.

 > And finally, the question should not really be “Does God exist?” The obvious question should be, “Are you going to trust Jesus’ atonement?” You can believe in God and still go to hell.

       “You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. ” James 2:19

Again, all things considered, we think this is a movie worth seeing.


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