Birth Control and Cancer Linked

by Bill Perkins


“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; The fruit of the womb is a reward.”   Psa 127:3
On November 21, 2012, USA Today ran an USA Today logo - Birth control & cancer Linkedarticle extolling the virtues of using birth control and how it should be available over the counter. It included this quote:
“Birth control pills are so safe and important to women that they should be sold on drugstore shelves, without a doctor’s prescription.”
The quote was from the American College of Obstetricians. They said their purpose was to reduce unintended pregnancies. They added:
“Oral contraceptives are very safe, and data show women can make these decisions for themselves”

That’s a bald-faced lie. Using birth control pills is NOT safe, according to The Mayo Clinic, The National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization!

Nat cancer logo - Birth Control & Cancer LinkedThey all have studies that link the increase of breast cancer directly to using the birth control pill. These studies show that women under 20 who take “the pill” increase their chance of breast cancer by an astonishing 820%!

who logo - Birth Control & Cancer Linked
For those who have had an abortion, the percentages are even higher for breast cancer.


I’m guessing you’ve never heard these stats before because when I presented this information to our adult Sunday School class I had people red-faced and livid because they’ve never been told this before.

I was asked to video tape my presentation in order to get the info out to Christian parents and youth who have never heard these facts.

So we video taped it at a home Bible study and it’s Question Did you know Birth Control & Cancer Linked?available on for free. It’s part of a series I am working on titled “Satan’s Top 10 Lies.” It’s Lie #3, “Smart Families Plan How Many Kids To Have,  And When To Have Them”

Get the facts! You can download and view it free.

(Courtesy of Compass Pointes)
After you’ve watched the presentation, post your thoughts on Compass Facebook page.
Obviously there will be those who read this or watch the video who use or used birth control pills, encouraged the use of birth control pills or know of someone who is living or has tragically died with breast cancer.
If so, please remember first that God is a merciful God. And also that He has numbered our days before we were born (Ps 139:16). He says we can’t add one second to our life-span by worrying (Luke 12:25).
12-year-old girls can get birth control pills from most public schools without parental notice.
So the purpose of this article is not to generate fear but to show the truth in an area where many seek to deceive. We only want the facts to be known so parents can be wise in their future decisions.
Currently public schools make available birth control pills without parents’ knowledge! Parents need to know the truth!

The free DVD has all the references listed for the above article. Warning: This DVD also makes the case that children are a blessing from the Lord and therefore more children, not fewer children, is better for Believers in this world and the next.

Bill Perkins is the founder and Executive Director of Compass International, Inc.
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