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Steeling the Mind Prophecy Conference 2018 Coeur d'Alene, ID

Saturday • March 3, 2018 • Coeur d'Alene Resort

It was a great conference day in Coeur d'Alene! The outstanding videos are now available. Click here to order on DVD, CD, Flash Drive, or Download Digital Files (MP3/MP4)!

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" Proverbs 27:17

How Close Are We?

For some twenty-four years Compass' Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences have been defending the accuracy of 2600-year-old Biblical prophecies and now we’re watching daily as they stunningly unfold before our eyes!

In fact, we're now witnessing the most prophetic fulfillment since Jesus arrived as Messiah 2000 years ago! How exciting!

But what does all this mean for Believers between now and the mass exodus of Believers at the Rapture? Where are we on God’s timeline? What does a Trump Administration really mean to Believers in the exciting time ahead?

The Bible Has The Answer! Whether Jesus' return is days or years away, join hundreds of other like-minded Believers to learn how to make wise decisions to better be used by the Lord with our families, friends and coworkers. We’ve lined up the best and brightest speakers to tackle tough topics designed to STEEL YOUR MIND with God's awesome Word!!

So grab your Bible, get excited, and come join us at the Coeur d' Alene Resort for a day jam-packed with encouragement, information, and TRUTH!

Register today! Scroll down to register or for more details.

Kick back for a romantic weekend!

The Coeur d'Alene Resort is one incredibly beautiful hotel! So plan to kick back for a night or two at a greatly discounted price!

CLICK HERE for hotel reservations with special group pricing

Or call The Resort (888) 965-6542 and mention Compass for rooms starting at $99/night. Please note: Special rates expire on Jan. 21, 2018.

Scroll down to see the great speakers and tough armoring topics!

Invest a day, reap rewards for a lifetime!

Conference Schedule:

Bible Prophecy: The Critical Importance Of Studying Prophecy

Andy Woods: College of Biblical Studies
Time: - 9:00 AM

Many churches today shy away from even mentioning "Bible Prophecy," often calling it "unnecessarily divisive." Andy shows in no uncertain terms why this tact is from the pit of hell.

Apologetics: The Top 10 Liberal Church Lies

Russ Miller: Creation Ministries
Time: - 10 AM

On the heels of his room-shaking presentation at our last Steeling Conference about what's being taught in public schools today, we've asked Russ to give us his top ten apologetic lies. And most of them Christians believe! Bring a sharp pencil!

Bible Prophecy: Is There Any Hope for America?

Dave Reagan: Lion and Lamb Ministries
Time: - 11:00 AM

America is the most prosperous and influential nation in the history of the world. But as secular humanists gain more and more control, abandoning the Christian principles that made us great, what does our future hold? What can individual Believers do to slow or stop the perilous slide?

Ask The Speakers Anything!

Speakers Luncheon Banquet and Q&A
Time: - 12:00 PM

Join us for a great lunch and the always-entertaining, audience-generated Q&A! Ask for clarification of a remark or try to stump the speaker! (Separate registration required)

Bible Prophecy: What Believers Will Be Doing In the Millennium

Don Perkins: According to Prophecy Ministries
Time: - 1:30 PM

For 30 years Don has taught and defended pre-millennial Bible Prophecy doctrine. And this entertaining presentation of what it will be like living in a world without sin with Jesus ruling from His Throne in Jerusalem will thrill your soul!

Signs of the Times: Inside An Abortion Clinic

Abby Johnson: Author/Former Abortion Clinic Worker
Time: - 2:30 PM

This is one of the most amazing stories of our day. Abby, who bought the liberal lie that "It's only a fetus," discovers the horrifying truth. Now she's boldly warning women the truth about God's creative life in the womb.

Doctrine: God's "Hints" For The Timing Of Future Events

Mike Norten: Author/Lecturer
Time: - 3:30PM

We may not be able to know the day and hour of the Rapture, but we can sure know and discern the season. And Mike's presentation covers a plethora of solid scriptural "hints" that will blow your mind how close we could be to our exhilarating exit!

Christian Finances: Bit Coin vs. Gold/Silver

Tom Cloud: Christian Financial Consultant, GA
Time: - 4:30 PM

There are MAJOR differences in digital currencies and physical gold, as Tom will explain… unless there was a digital currency that was backed by gold… and it’s coming soon—WOW! Don’t miss this amazing update!


Bible Prophecy: God's Promise of Victory

Dave Reagan: Lion and Lamb Ministries
Time: - 7:00 PM

For Believers, it's disheartening to see Biblical morality, individual liberty and free enterprise being constantly shredded by secular leadership. But when all the dust settles, there is true hope in the One who is ultimately in charge. Enjoy this kick-in-the-pants presentation!


Apologetics: The Case for Christ's Resurrection

Josh McDowell: Josh McDowell Ministry
Time: - 8:00 PM

There is no scientific proof that George Washington ever lived, but we know he did because there's overwhelming historical evidence. In the same way, there's undeniable historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and it's succinctly presented by one of the top Bible teachers in America today.


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