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Prophecy Watch Update
Daniel's Image
The 7 year peace treaty will be with Israel and the 10 toes/nations of Daniel's image. Dan 2

This is a shocker!

Any Bible prophecy student worth their salt knows by heart Daniel 9:24-27. It's the foundation verse for the future seven- year peace treaty between Israel and 10 nations--five nations from the western leg of Daniel's image (Rome or Europe) and five from the eastern leg of Daniel's image (Istanbul/Middle East).

       And he shall confirm the     
       covenant with many for one  
       week (7 years).  Dan. 9:27 

This treaty, we believe, is consummated just after the Rapture of the Church and begins the seven-year period of Tribulation when God goes back to dealing with the Jews as His chosen people.
Well, shocker of all shockers, read this headline in an Israeli newspaper last week:
Israel Wants Five Years of Quiet -

Attila Somfalvi


(3rd paragraph down)

Asked about what Israelis should expect after a Gaza ceasefire, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday: "I estimate that we will get a lasting calm. We spoke with our colleagues around the world and explained that we want lasting quiet - not for a week, not for two weeks. After a week of suffering, (we want) at least  five or six years of quiet, stability and security." 

(Ynet News http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4309430,00.html)

Israel wants five or six years of peace? That's pretty close to seven years of peace!
The fact that they are even talking about a peace treaty with a length of time anywhere near seven years is astonishing--considering the prophecy was

blowing shofar

written over 2500 years ago!!!

Consider these other prophecies already fulfilled in my lifetime regarding Israel and the Jews:
> The Jews would be scattered over the world and return to their homeland after about 2000 years.
Is 11:11-12; Hos 6:1-2
(They were and they did!)
> The Jews would not lose their identity--they would remain a pure race during their exile and return as a pure race. Rev 7:4
(They did!)
> When they returned, the Jews would take over their land to begin in one day. Is 66:8
(They did!)
> When the Jews come back into their land, they will not have the Spirit of God in them. Ezek 37:8
(They don't!)
> The Jews would come back into their land and have a mighty army. Ezek 37:10
(They do!)
> Israel will have atomic weapons. Zech 14:12
(They do!)
> Israel, a very small nation, would be a problematic country burdening the entire world. Zech 12:3
(They are!)
When you think about it, God used the Jews to provide the world with the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, Bible and even our Savior. John 4:22; Is 44:1 
So keep your eyes on Israel--they're God's focus in the next dispensation and He's getting them ready!

What an exciting time to be alive!!!!!




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