Live In Your Home or Church

Now you can have the great speakers and tough Steeling topics at your church, facility or home.

Dates, speakers and topics are listed on our web site home page: You simply sign up below, and we’ll send you all you need to know to watch one incredible conference, online.

Compass will simulcast (live) to your computer location the entire Steeling the Mind Bible Conference, complete with the awesome power point visuals.

All you need is high-speed Internet access and a projector to project your computer screen onto a large screen or wall—the larger the better! Or you can watch it on your computer or digital TV. Or even your phone or tablet… anywhere you have an Internet connection!

How It Works

When you sign up for the simulcast, we give you a special Internet link to the Steeling conference signal. We will also give you times that you can test your equipment prior to the conference date. Simply link to the signal and test your equipment, projector, sound, etc. If you can point and click your mouse, you can make this work!


Compass will provide a PDF of the Steeling Conference program–just print and pass them out to those watching the simulcast. We’ll also link you to PDFs to print and use as church bulletin inserts… and you have the option to add info like your church or location.

Revenue Options

If you purchase for a Church, you have the option of selling tickets at the door or making the conference totally free of charge—with or without taking a “love-offering” to help you cover the costs (registration fee, sound and tech guys, electricity, etc.).

We can also send you DVDs from past conferences to spread out on a book table and sell at half-price. We split the sales revenue with you so you should easily make back the registration costs. Anything you don’t sell you keep or give away.

How To Sign-up

Simply choose the simulcast option below and proceed to check out. We will send you via email all the information you need. If you are a Church, please email us to determine if you would like product to sell during the conference.

What a great opportunity to have national speakers at your church or in your home, addressing difficult topics, while defending a literal hermeneutic and a Biblical worldview!! Great for church, Sunday school, small groups or just watching from your home.


Sign up below to get the ball rolling for a great day of spiritual armoring!