Compass Missions Update

A Visual Voice for Missions
Compass offers churches a simple, inexpensive and powerful tool for bringing their congregations up to speed on the work of the missionaries and/or missions they support. We do this by producing a 60 second Mission Update for you to show your congregation on the big screen..All we need is a missionary’s name, email, and the date you plan to show the update. We’ll contact the missionary, work with him/her to create a great video or slide presentation. After production and final editing are completed, we’ll email you the final version ready to show your congregation—all for $29.95 ea! The Update allows your congregation a great visual into the missionary’s work and what they are supporting as a church. The missionary is able to communicate directly to the congregation, putting a face and location to their work. And all of this is done for an affordable price, saving your staff hours of research and work. You can order as many updates as you wish, just use this page to place each new order. To order your missions update(s) for your church, please fill out the info below. We will be in contact by email to confirm your order. Depending on the missionary response time, it can take up to 30-40 days for delivery. If you have questions, please email

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