Biblelands Cruise October 2015 with Post-Trip option to Italy The Compass Biblelands Cruise 2015 (hereinafter “Compass”) is developed and organized by Compass International, Inc. (a non-profit ministry). Please fill out the registration form and return it as soon as possible. Please note that this is a private trip and participants must be approved.  Payment due dates and cancellation fees are structured to match those incurred by the trip. Please read the following Terms and Conditions in their entirety—it’s important to know all the details, payment dates and coverage. By signing the registration sheet you acknowledge receiving and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set forth below covering Biblelands Cruise 2015 and any post-trip options. The Conditions of Carriage of the Cruise Carrier are expressly incorporated into this contract. Smoking The Biblelands Cruise 2015 is a smoke-free trip for all passengers in the common areas of the hotels, site visits and inside the ship. This includes halls, dining rooms, lounges, game rooms, meeting rooms and individual staterooms. Smoking outside the land hotels and on certain outside cruise decks is permissible. Name Changes Participation in this trip is limited to persons whose payment and contract have been received by Compass. Name changes are not allowed unless previously approved by Compass. Circumstances prohibit transfer of participation to passengers other than those to whom the original registration was made. Proper Documentation All members of this trip must carry passports valid for at least six months beyond the scheduled date of return to the United States. This means your passport must be valid through April 10, 2016, or longer if you choose to extend your trip beyond the cruise. Also, document requirements may vary depending on your citizenship. Non-U.S. passport holders may be required to obtain other visas for certain countries or ports of call and are personally responsible for securing such permits/visas. Passengers denied boarding of planes and/or cruise ship due to missing or improper documentation will not be the responsibility of Compass. Compass will process and obtain group visas for those visiting Malta & Turkey. No visa is required for Italy, Greece or Israel for U.S. citizens. Air and Cruise Tickets All trip air and ship tickets are valid only for the dates booked and indicated on documents. Tickets will be sent to you approximately 7-10 days prior to your scheduled departure and after full payment has been received by Compass. Tickets for bookings made within 14 days of departure (if available) may be picked up from our representative at the designated airport on the day of departure. Re-issuance of air tickets that are lost or stolen prior to departure, or required to be reissued for any other reasons, may be subject to charges or fees by the air carriers and/or other vendors, and may be substantial. Limitations This is a private trip.  Compass reserves the right to decline, reject, or retain any member as a participant in this trip at any time for any reason. The air carrier(s), cruise line, group operators and Compass reserve the right to substitute equipment and properties to add or delete en route stops at their discretion with or without notice. The hotels, ground operators, cruise lines and other vendors used by Compass reserve the right, in special circumstances, to substitute accommodations and/or transportation of similar or better quality without penalty. Baggage Compass cannot be held responsible for delay, loss, or damage to baggage. Travelers are encouraged to check their Travel Tips booklet to find ways to reduce the likelihood, or minimize the problem, of having lost or delayed luggage. Baggage restrictions apply to this trip. You are allowed to check one piece of luggage, maximum 50 lbs, one “carry-on” bag and one purse per person. Your “carry-on” must be one piece of luggage (or handicap devices) not to exceed 24X10X16, which will fit under your seat. Deposits and Reservations Your reservation cannot be confirmed until the signed registration form and a total deposit of $750 pp plus the full amount of the insurance, if selected, are received. One half of the balance is due July 11, 2015 and the remaining balance is due August 11, 2015. Payment is due in full if registering after July 30.  Your booking may be canceled if not fully paid by the due date. Please make all checks payable to Compass. Cancellation and Refunds In the event that you must cancel your reservation (assuming no insurance or a non-covered reason) or payments are not received by specified deadlines, refunds are made in accordance with the following schedule: Per person cancellation fee, if notice is received: * 140 days or more prior to your departure date: Cancellation fee is $500 per person plus any domestic air and insurance or add-on travel you have purchased. * 139-90 days prior to your departure date: Cancellation fee is $1,000 per person plus any domestic air and insurance or add-on travel you have purchased. * 89-0 days prior to your departure date: Cancellation fee is 100% of package price or deposit (the insurance allows cancellation for covered reasons). Refunds and Problems Unused Trips: No refund will be made for any transportation, accommodations or services included in the trip price which you, by your choice, do not use. We recommend you use the Compass appointed travel agent to book your domestic flights for you. We regret we cannot be held responsible for missed connections due to weather or mechanical problems. We strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance. Additional Charges The airlines and cruise operator have given us a price of fuel “not to exceed.” Also, Compass pays most of the trip expenses in euros. If at the time of sailing fuel does exceed the fuel contractual amount or the dollar loses more than 5% value against the euro, a surcharge will be added. The cost will be pro-rated among all passengers not to exceed $150 per passenger. (This has happened only once in our last 20 cruises.) The included airfare from NYC to Rome has pre-determined budgets. If the airfare cost at the time of booking exceeds these budgets, an additional charge reflecting the difference may added–although this has never happened in the past. Responsibility Compass has the responsibility of booking with airlines, hotels, condominiums, ground operators, guides, and cruise lines to provide you with these services. The carriers, hotels, cruise lines, and other suppliers providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, or servants of, or joint venturers with, Compass or its affiliates. All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by Compass are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. Each participant agrees not to hold Compass International Inc., its employees, or trip leaders liable, in the absence of its own negligence, for any loss, act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any person or firm which is to or does provide goods or services for the trip and shall have no liability to the participant for the quality of services or the condition or cleanliness of accommodations or for any transportation delay, including but not limited to liability for inconvenience, shortened vacation time, additional expense, or any other kind of damage. Compass is not responsible for government actions, weather, mechanical breakdowns, war, terrorism, acts of nature (secularly know as “Acts of God”), or other circumstances beyond its control. (Insurance is included that covers most of these plus other coverages.) If a travel ban is imposed by the United States on any country we are scheduled to visit, another route or port may be substituted. In the past we have always traveled to Israel under State Department “travel warnings” without incident and expect to do so in the future. In the event of delay, the airline or cruise line, and not Compass, determines delay procedures and the amenities/compensation, if any, to be offered. Optional Trip Activities Excursion Activities:  Trip participants may choose to engage in various activities including, but not limited to, swimming, jogging, water sports, horseback or camel riding, car rental traveling, shipboard activities and other “activities;” participants are hereby notified that these activities may be dangerous and may result in a serious injury and that participation in these activities shall be at the participant’s own risk. Compass shall not be liable for any injuries sustained by trip participants which are a result of participants engaging in such activities. Travelers Who Need Special Assistance Compass must be advised of a participant’s special requirements at the time of booking and we will make every effort to accommodate special requests, but cannot confirm a reservation until all travel suppliers have acknowledged that they can provide the services requested. Note: It is possible that Compass or its suppliers may have to deny boarding if prior notification of special need is not given. We regret that, due to the nature of the planned itinerary, we cannot guarantee full participation to a member whose physical needs cannot be met. However, the average age of participants on past trips is 55 and roughly 98% enjoy full participation at each site. Major Changes “Major changes” consist only of changes in the trip’s departure city and/or departure dates by more than 72 hours, hotel substitutions of lower quality, or a price increase exceeding 10 percent of the trip price occurring 21 or more days before departure. In such cases Compass shall notify participant(s) within 14 days after first knowing of such change, but in any event at least 21 days before scheduled departure. If Compass first learns of a major change less than 21 days before scheduled departure, Compass’ liability is limited to a full refund excluding insurance paid. Compass has contracted with certain hotels to supply accommodation. Occasionally, the accommodation reserved is not available for a variety of reasons (i.e. unexpected maintenance problems, guest stay-overs, and overbooking by the hotel) and a substitute hotel of equal or greater quality is provided. In the event of your hotel standard being substantially downgraded, a refund reflecting the difference in price will be issued. The governing laws of the State of Idaho shall prevail and any dispute may be resolved in the City of Coeur d’Alene by means of arbitration. The prevailing party of any dispute will be entitled to recuperate pertinent legal fees and costs from the other party. Brochure Validity This brochure and Terms & Conditions cancels and supersedes any previous publications or advertisements to this same trip and cruise. The most current brochure or terms and conditions may be viewed and/or downloaded at . Trip Insurance We highly recommend that you purchase trip protection. The coverage includes sickness, death or accident of immediate family or travelling companion, trip interruption, and lost baggage. It covers pre-existing conditions if you purchase it when you first sign up for the trip. Check “Trip Insurance” on your registration form for a quote. You will receive a complete policy in the mail after you register. END: Compass 2015 “Terms and Conditions” For questions,  call Compass toll-free at 1-800-977-2177 or email: