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Steeling the Mind Prophecy Conference 2018
Denver, CO

Saturday • October 6, 2018 • Doubletree by Hilton Denver • 3203 Quebec St.
Please Note: There are 2 Doubletree Hotels on Quebec St.


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The world’s moving at a break-neck pace with instance alerts, Facebook, Twitter and more. So take a break, turn off your cell phone and join us for a day in Bible-teaching paradise! Nothing like a fresh dose of the unchanging Bible to steel your mind with God’s truth! 

For 25 years, Compass’ Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences have been defending the accuracy of 2600-year-old Biblical prophecies and now we’re watching daily as they stunningly unfold before our eyes! In fact, we’re now witnessing the most prophetic fulfillment since Jesus arrived as Messiah 2000 years ago! How exciting!

But what does all this mean for Believers between now and the mass exodus of Believers at the Rapture? Where are we on God’s timeline?

The Bible Has The Answer!

Whether Jesus’ return is days or years away, join hundreds of other like-minded Believers to learn how to make wise decisions to better be used by the Lord with our families, friends and coworkers. We’ve lined up the best and brightest speakers to tackle tough topics designed to STEEL YOUR MIND with God’s awesome Word!!

So grab your Bible, get excited and come join hundreds of Bible-Believers at the Doubletree Hotel Denver for a day jam-packed with encouragement, information, and TRUTH!

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Call Doubletree directly at (303) 321-3333 and mention “Compass” for rooms starting at $104/night. Note: There are 2 Doubletree Hotels on Quebec St. Make sure your reservations are for 3203 Quebec St.

Please note: Special rates expire on September 13, 2018.

Scroll down to see the great speakers and tough armoring topics!

Invest a day, reap rewards for a lifetime with GREAT SPEAKERS hammering away on TOUGH TOPICS!

Conference Schedule:

Doctrine: 7 Principles That Made America Great

Andy Woods: President, Chafer Seminary, TX
Time: – 9 AM

We hear a lot about “Making America Great Again.” So what was it that made America great in the first place? Andy details 7 Biblical principles on which this country was founded. Outstanding!


Signs of the Times: UFOs and the Bible

Billy Crone: Get A Life Ministries
Time: – 10 AM

Billy shows how the current UFO phenomenon plays into the last days Biblical prophecies, specifically Rapture and the Tribulation. This last days deception is already being set up to explain away our dumbfounding exit! Unbelievable!


Israel: Replacement Theology–From the Pit of Hell

Dave Reagan: Lamb and Lion Ministries
Time: – 11 AM

Some 80% of Christians believe that the Church is now the recipient of God’s original promises to Israel. But is that in Scripture? Dave succinctly dismantles this absurd doctrine while showing the awful ramifications of its tentacles.


Ask The Speakers Anything! Speakers Luncheon and Q&A
Time: 12 Noon – 2 PM

Join us for a great 3-course plated luncheon and the always-entertaining, audience-generated Q&A! Ask for clarification of a remark or try to stump the speaker! (Separate registration required)


Apologetics: Mount St. Helens and the Grand Canyon

Russ Miller: Creation Ministries
Time: – 2 PM

Russ uses the events following Mt. St. Helens volcano explosion to show without a doubt that the Grand Canyon was formed in a matter of days, not millions of years. Destined to be a classic, it’ll give you truth to share with friends, family and co-workers.


Signs of the Times: Eyes Wide Open!

Surprise Speaker
Time: – 3 PM

We can’t reveal the speaker’s name but you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! In fact, you’ll probably say it was the best presentation of the day!


Apologetics: Cataclysmic Changes Coming!

Russ Miller: Creation Ministries
Time: – 4 PM

Russ details 7 future, earth-shattering events that come from the sky. Hold onto your hats for this one—it’s sure to be a classic that’s passed along ’til our exhilarating exit. Monumental!


Israel: Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy

Dave Reagan: Lamb and Lion Ministries
Time: – 5 PM

Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and watching her is like watching God’s time clock—so goes Jerusalem, so goes the world. So Dave uses only of few of the 800+ Jerusalem references in the Bible to make crystal clear what’s dead ahead on God’s timetable.


Time: – 6 PM



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