Steel on Steel Vol. 1 Audio Book Graphics


This page provides the listener of the Steel on Steel Vol. 1 audio book with the graphics from each chapter. Simply click the hyperlinked chapter title below and you will be able to view the maps and graphs discussed in that chapter. If the chapter title is not blue/hyperlinked, there are no graphics for that chapter.


Inside Cover and Preface

(1) Ten Unmistakable Signs That We’re in the Last Days of the Last Days.

(2) Why Asking Jesus Into Your Heart Won’t Save You

(3) The Mystery of the Church Age

(4) America’s Birthrate Nightmare

(5) God’s Patience in the Last Days

(6) When Believers Die

(7) America in Bible Prophecy

(8) Is the Rapture in September

(9) The Pre-Wrath Deception

(10) What Pornography Does to the Brain

(11) Earthquakes & Volcanoes in Bible Prophecy

(12) When Jesus Went to Hell

(13) Russia’s Future Humiliating Defeat

(14) Home of the Brave

(15) Who are the 144,000 in Revelation?

(16) Rapture or Return?

(17) Should We Continually Confess for Forgiveness?

(18) The Designed Decline of Public Education

(19) Satan’s Lie: Do Everything Jesus Says