Today is July 26, 2018

Verse of the Day — Psalm 49:20

Man in his pomp, yet without understanding, is like the beasts that perish.


It’s not wealth or position that will disqualify a man from heaven—but rather a lack of true discernment.


It is so important to always maintain a discerning perspective regarding what’s going on in our lives. If we have been blessed with temporal riches or high position, it doesn’t mean that we can do without biblical understanding and life application. With privilege comes responsibility.

but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. —Luke 12:48

For instance, the Bible says you’re a hypocrite if you love the attention that comes with being a temple (church) leader.

When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. —Matthew 6:5

True discernment means we downplay our position with humility. Jesus said:

When you are invited by someone to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor . . . —Luke 14:8

Godly discernment is knowing that there is another life in which earthly ideas of power and influence do not operate. In the end, the discerning righteous is eternally better off than the fleeting glory of the wicked.

Dear Compass,

OK, Compass, where does a Christian woman draw the line between obeying God and being submissive to her husband—when they are diametrically opposed?!


Scripture is very clear that our first priority is always obedience to God. When Peter and the apostles were confronted for disobeying the orders of the High Priest/Council, they responded,

We must obey God rather than men —Acts 5:29

Whenever a husband asks a wife to do something that is clearly against God’s obvious commands, then the wife is to obey God. However, she can still have an ATTITUDE of submission towards her husband through her “gentle and quiet spirit” (1 Peter 3:4). That means she would seek to try to honor her husband while at the same time choosing to obey God—as difficult as that may be.

This explanation applies to situations where obedience to a husband would result in sin on the part of the wife. There are other situations which have more to do with desires and preferences. For example, many wives desire to attend church services/activities frequently but their husbands oppose it. In that kind of situation, she should submit to her husband’s wishes, allowing God to use her obedience in his life.

Submission is an attitude of the heart that, in reality, is submission to God. A wife’s submission to her husband can be an incredible instrument for God’s purposes. But when submission would result in sin, the higher calling is always to God’s Word.


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