Steeling the Mind Bible Conference
at Noah’s Ark 2019

August 23-24, 2019 (Arrive Thursday, depart Sunday)

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another!” Proverbs 27:17

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“God did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly;” 2 Pet. 2:5

Join us in Northern Kentucky for a life-impacting Steeling Conference weekend at the rebuilt Noah’s Ark!

A Great STEEL ON STEEL Bible Conference At Night!

Join like-minded Believers to learn how to defend the accuracy of the Bible. Josh McDowell and Russ Miller will STEEL YOUR MIND with God’s awesome Word!!

A Life-impact Visit to Noah’s Ark And The Creation Museum By Day.

The conference sessions are Friday night and Saturday morning so the days are open to walk the corridors of Christianity’s most-impacting structure built in the last hundred years.

Most of the world has reduced the account of Noah’s flood to a mere fairy tale while teaching “evolution” as science. And most scientists, even Christians, don’t believe the story’s authenticity.

But now the world can see that Noah’s Ark was large enough to hold two of every land-dwelling, air-breathing animal kind on the planet, plus enough food and water storage to last for over a year. This is because Noah’s Ark has been rebuilt, to Biblical dimensions, full-size, for all to see!

Almost two football fields long and three stories/60 feet high it sits on 800 acres south of Cincinnati, in Kentucky, and it’s the largest timber-framed wooden structure in the world!

The massive Ark includes food storage, water storage and all the kinds of mammals and birds using to-scale life-like figures. It’s been authentically constructed using wooden pegs, planks and structural beams.

The Ark includes Noah’s and his three sons’ apartments, a library and over 150 detailed exhibits explaining the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of the flood and how it points to God’s salvation through the “Door.” Scroll down to register. 


Join us Friday night for a great banquet to kick off the conference. Immediately followed by the Steeling speaker’s presentations.

Invest a weekend, reap rewards for a lifetime!

STEELING Weekend Schedule
All Steeling Conference sessions and meals are in the Marriott Cincinnati Airport Hotel Ballroom
Thursday, August 22
… Suggested arrival day. Plan to arrive by air or car by early evening so you can hit the ground running Friday morning! 

Friday Morning, August 23
Visit the rebuilt Noah’s Ark (Opens 9 AM… good restaurant on site for lunch)
(Expect to spend 4 to 6 hours at the Ark. Tickets purchased individually at the Ark or online, click here to see pricing )
Friday Night
5:30 PM
The Great Banquet Dinner with prizes (optional)
7:00 PM
Evolution’s Evil Entrapment – Russ Miller
The 50 years of teaching evolution in our schools is now threatening the very fabric of our nation. Russ will show the resulting evil fruit of compromising God’s Word and the truth we can all stand behind.
8:00 PM
“Was Christ Raised from the Dead . . . Really?” , – Josh McDowell
The Bible is defendable, word-for-word, letter-for-letter—from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. And now more than ever in this day and age, we need to be able to defend our beliefs to an unbelieving world. Nobody defends Jesus’ Resurrection better and Josh will armor you with God’s truth!
Steeling the Eyes Leadership Sessions
**Material appropriate for Junior high and older
Saturday Morning , August 24
7:30 AM
Breakfast (Optional)
8:00 AM
The Hidden Problem of Porn – Josh McDowell
No one wants to talk about it. Few will admit it even exists. Yet 50% of men admit to viewing porn at least once a month. And this is killing Christian families and church members .. DAILY! Josh’s bold approach is refreshing and much-needed to combat one of Satan’s best tools to compromise a Believer’s testimony.
9:00 AM
The Solution to the Porn Problem – Josh McDowell
Pulling no punches, Josh will give straight answers to this seemingly out-of-control problem…answers every leader needs to know. Whether you’re a church, family or business leader, this is a problem for which you need ready answers!

End of Conference – 10 AM±

10:00 AM…. Balance of day Saturday
    – Visit the Creation Museum
(tickets purchased individually at the Museum or click here for pricing )
Sunday, August 25
… Suggested departure day
(Ark and Museum tickets can be purchased separately or in a combo package on location or online ( click here for ticket details ). Other details will be provided with registration confirmation.)


Steeling Noah’s Ark Hotel with Special Conference Rates

Call the hotel direct and mention “Compass” or “Steeling the Mind” to receive conference discount. Discounted room rates end August 8, 2019 so don’t delay–make your reservations today!

Host Hotel and Conference Venue

Reg Rate STM Conference Rate Save per Night
Cincinnati Airport Marriott (Conference hotel) 2395 Progress Dr. Hebron, KY 41048 Phone: (859) 586-0166 and mention Compass for discount Reservation Link Here $139 $99 $40