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December 21, 2016
Article: When Obama Bows To Jesus

Much was written about Mr. Obama bowing to the Saudi King only weeks after becoming U.S. President. But Obama will bow again in the future to the true King, the Lord Jesus Christ... before or after he dies... whether he likes it or not. Whether he wants to or not. "... to Me every knee […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Financial Earthquake Ahead?

A wise counselor of mine once told me that it was not as important what they're saying in the news, as it is what they're NOT saying.   We Christians are all standing around in disbelief as one crisis after another unfolds in our government. There are so many that majorly impact Christians that we […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Forgiven Forever

Mainly due to our free Good Morning Lord! daily Bible study, we receive many questions about Bible prophecy, the Bible and life in general. And when we answer questions, we try to have our answers rooted in scripture, not opinions. So we get questions, lots of questions. Too many to answer every one. So when […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Spineless Politicians

When I watch the news these days, I gravitate between the excitement that we MUST be close to Jesus' return and the horror of watching spineless politicians allow the current administration to do as it pleases.   Think about this: In February of 1868, President Andrew Johnson (who succeeded Abraham Lincoln) was impeached. His crime? He […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: "Do everything Jesus says" - Satan's Lie #5

There’s a lot of unnecessary heartbreak in churches today due to a misinterpretation of how to apply the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the lives of Believers living in the Church Age. Should we simply do everything Jesus says to do? Word for word? Or is a closer examination warranted? When […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: The Gaying of America

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible." George Washington Foundational Truths For George Washington to believe in God, he had to believe that there was an entity outside his life and outside his control Who made the rules. He and most of our other Founding Fathers trusted God and […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Jews Want to Pray on The Temple Mount!

One of the key latter-day Bible prophecies is that, according to Dan 9:24-27, there will come a day when the Jews will go back to sacrificing on the Temple Mount on Mt. Moriah.   This ancient Daniel prophecy tells us that the Anti-Christ will stop sacrifices at the mid-point of the seven year Tribulation, therefore […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Silver Dollars All Over Texas!

Suppose we filled the entire State of Texas with 100 trillion silver dollars. That would make the entire state about two feet deep in coins. Then we mark only one coin.

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December 21, 2016
Article: The 50 Days Between Rapture and the Great Tribulation

The arrival and departure of the Holy Spirit on the earth are the bookends of the Church Age.  The Church Age begins with the arrival of God's Holy Spirit (Acts 2). It is the only time God's Holy Spirit permanently indwells living/breathing humans, who by faith, trust in God's Messiah's shed blood for their salvation. […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: The Government's Takeover of the World Wide Web

Shush...they don't want you to know this, but.... One of the reasons BHO kept the government shutdown continuing could have been to keep the eyes off a secret free-trade agreement he is negotiating between the U.S. and Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. It is called the Trans-Pacific […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: Pilgrim Tours to the Holyland

Since 1993, Compass has been taking pilgrim tours to the holyland. We've organized over 50 group trips to the holyland because seeing your Bible come alive in God's special place on earth is one of the most impacting things a person can do in this life.  For instance, it's one thing to READ about the […]

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December 21, 2016
Article: The Designed Decline of Public Education

As the greatest generation and the baby boomers die out, they are replaced primarily by youth with no understanding of capitalism, no understanding of the constitution, no understanding of the Bible and therefore no understanding of their future.

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December 21, 2016
Article: Birth Control & Cancer Linked

The quote was from the American College of Obstetricians. They said their purpose was to reduce unintended pregnancies. They added:
"Oral contraceptives are very safe, and data show women can make these decisions for themselves"
That's a bald-faced lie. Using birth control pills is NOT safe, according to The Mayo Clinic, The National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization!

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December 21, 2016
Article: Prophecy Watch Update

This treaty, we believe, is consummated just after the Rapture of the Church and begins the seven-year period of Tribulation when God goes back to dealing with the Jews as His chosen people.

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December 20, 2016
Article: Iran-What the Bible Says

Behind the scenes, western governments have known for sometime that Iran has conducted tests on nuclear trigger devices, worked with Russian scientists on reducing the size of the nuclear device to fit in a medium range warhead, and have experimented with sparking nuclear reactions. The IAEA report makes it official.

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December 16, 2016
Article: Moving toward the Mark of the Beast

The cause of all this pain has been well- documented. Our American dollar was changed in 1971 from gold-backed paper dollars to just paper dollars with nothing backing them. We use the dollar by faith because it's worth only ... ???

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December 16, 2016
Article: Light from Distant Stars--Millions of Years?

1) God created Adam and Eve full grown. They had the appearance of age. He did the same with the trees and animals. So he certainly could have created the universe with the appearance of age.

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November 16, 2016
Article: The Mormon Cult

There is also a third group, according to early Mormon doctrine, designating those that couldn't make up their mind to follow Jesus or Satan. Because of their indecision, God painted their faces black! Remarkably, this was taught up until 1978 when the modern-day Mormon prophet Spencer Kimball received a "divine revelation" that blacks were now ok to be Momons. Their original teaching on polygamy was "updated" in much the same way.

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