Light from Distant Stars–Millions of Years?

by: Bill Perkins


“He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.”  Job 26:7    


 When you look up at a starry sky at night, you are actually viewing some of the trillions times trillions of suns in the universe.*  All but a few of what we are seeing are the lights from distant suns.

Solar system

The sun’s surface is over 10,000 times larger than the earth’s surface, but our  

sun is one of the smallest suns in the universe.


Each of these suns is like our sun, although our sun is one of the smaller ones. And each sun has a solar system around it like ours.  


So our universe is one behemoth area. It’s so large, in fact, how in the world do you defend a literal translation of the Bible’s six-day creation 6000 years ago when it takes light millions of years to get here from distant planets?  


There are two good answers, both of which help explain how millions of years of light shine from the stars at night.  


1) God created Adam and Eve full grown. They had the appearance of age. He did the same with the trees and animals. So he certainly could have created the universe with the appearance of age. 


2) There are scriptures that discuss the creation and address the heavens being formed. 


“Thus says God the LORD, Who created the heavens and stretched them out…” Is. 42:5  

“It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with My hands, And I ordained all their host.” Is. 45:12  

“That you have forgotten the LORD your Maker, Who stretched out the heavens, And laid the foundations of the earth;” Is. 51:13  

milky way 

This indicates that God created all the stars closer around the earth and then stretched them out to the far ends of the universe… their light stretching with them. 


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* The number of suns in the universe is estimated to be 1 with 24 zeros following!



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