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Article: Chapter 3 - The 7 Year Peace Treaty with Israel

December 21, 2016

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The 7 Year Peace Treaty with Israel

by Bill Perkins

When PEACE’s jet touched down in Tel Aviv, he was met by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his key Cabinet members. Israeli officials were highly suspicious of his out-of-this-world credentials, but greeting PEACE as he exited the plane showed they were taking no chances on his authenticity.

The scene was in a sense quite humorous. Israel had thousands of IDF soldiers in and around the airport to ensure the security of PEACE. Yet PEACE himself had no bodyguards. His only accomplice was his mysterious and constant companion, who seemingly had powers from above.

Images were beamed worldwide of the historic handshakes as PEACE exited the plane. With Israel’s military poised to finish off the rest of her Arab sworn enemies, it seemed highly improbable that PEACE could stop the carnage. But the world was hopeful PEACE had a plan that Israel would trust.

An impressive fleet of black helicopters took the large entourage to the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. In less than an hour of landing in Tel Aviv, PEACE was behind closed doors negotiating face-to-face with Netanyahu.

PEACE started with a statement and a question, speaking in perfect Hebrew. “Shalom! I, as you, want peace in this region and will commit the resources to ensure it is implemented. What are the political and economic conditions that you must have to ensure peace?”

Israel’s leaders were stunned that PEACE first asked them what they needed . . . and dumbfounded that he spoke flawless Hebrew! After 70 years of being told what the terms of peace should be, here was a man who was willing to negotiate the cold hard facts needed for a lasting peace.

As Netanyahu’s cabinet huddled to discuss a response, PEACE motioned for Netanyahu to step aside to speak to him privately. PEACE whispered in Netanyahu’s ear, and after a few seconds, Netanyahu reluctantly nodded approval.

Then Netanyahu called over his Security Chief and nervously explained what was going on. They both turned and nodded approval to PEACE.

PEACE then signaled to his cohort, and the room became totally silent in wonderment of what was going on. The associate then pointed to a group of three IDF soldiers who were standing near a large window. Boom! Again came a flash of lightning that appeared to strike the three soldiers as they instantly disappeared

Every IDF soldier in the room reacted by drawing their weapon. But the Israeli Security Chief raised his hand and said, “Stand down! We’ve had a security breach and those soldiers were in collaboration to murder both our Prime Minister and PEACE.”

Netanyahu then spoke saying, “We know this to be fact by what PEACE has disclosed to us about them. We are grateful for his intervention.”
without a trace. Another three IDF soldiers just outside the doorway also vanished.

Israel had for months been trying to figure out who was behind a security breach in the upper echelons of the Israeli Defense Force. PEACE had provided the missing links and a stunned Israeli military was kept from a worldwide embarrassment.

The stage was now set. Any doubts about PEACE’s credibility vanished with the renegade soldiers, and the negotiations continued in earnest. For Israel, it was simple. For the first time since she had become a nation, she was about to extinguish her country’s sworn enemies. Why should she stop now?

But Israel had always longed for peace. For 70 years she had sacrificed much, attempting to make peace with her surrounding Arab neighbors. But each and every time the Arabs would not uphold their side of the treaties. Time and time again, the Arabs proved to be totally irrational. Why would this be any different? (Gen. 16:12)

So Israel was obviously unmotivated to believe anything the Arabs said. And having already taken out Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, in another two weeks or so she would be able to finish off Saudi, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. Only Jordan, through intense personal pleas by King Abdullah, had managed to escape the sights of the Israeli war machine.

Israel was also energy independent with the massive oil strike. She grew more than enough food for her citizens and had the strongest army in the world . . . why would Israel stop now? Israel could ensure her own peace for generations by finishing off her enemies.

The Israelis messaged their concerns to PEACE and his associate. Within the hour, PEACE replied:

  • PEACE would guarantee sales of all of Israel’s excess oil with payment in gold bullion using the formula twenty barrels equal one ounce of gold.

    • PEACE would guarantee Israel’s borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, including the Golan Heights, Gaza and the Sinai desert.

    • PEACE would place 20,000 peace-keepers on Israel’s borders and another 10,000 in Jerusalem working under the authority of the Israeli Defense Force.

    • PEACE would relocate all foreign embassies to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

    • PEACE would monitor satellite reconnaissance in the entire Middle East and share it with the IDF on a daily basis. If any country broke the treaty, her leaders would be immediately removed by PEACE’s cohort (presumably for “retraining”).

    • PEACE would allow for Israel to rebuild her temple AND resume animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount—in any location other than where the Dome of the Rock was currently standing.

    • PEACE would allow Israel to be a part of his new, yet-to-be-unveiled, cashless world monetary system.

For Israel, this was a stunning offer—as good a military and monetary offer as Israel had ever imagined. Gaza and the West Bank were no longer a stumbling block as their populations had been obliterated by Israel’s atomic forces.

Convincingly, PEACE was willing to use the phenomenal power of his cohort to guarantee the peace treaty. But it was the spiritual aspect of rebuilding the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount that made Israel realize this was a legitimate offer worthy of consideration.

PEACE had offered to allow Israel to rebuild her Temple on the Temple Mount on Mount Moriah without Israel having even mentioned it. His grasp of Israel’s national AND spiritual issues was mesmerizing. Whispers began about who he really was. Was it possible that he could be their long-awaited Messiah in disguise?

The Temple Mount provision sent shock waves throughout Israel as news leaked out. If the Orthodox and ultra-right wing rabbinical Jews would agree to this provision in the treaty, it would unite Israel like no other time since the 1948 War for Independence. It had been almost 2000 years since the Jewish Temple had been demolished by the Romans and rebuilding it would pave the way for blood sacrifices to resume again on the altar on Mt. Moriah.

For almost 2000 years, most of the arguments within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ranks were over which of the oral laws should replace their inability to properly make blood sacrifices. But if the Israelis were able to again make animal sacrifices on Mount Moriah, the only place allowed by God for sacrifices, they could ignore the debatable oral laws and go back to the clearly defined written laws in the Torah.

Deep inside every Orthodox Jew studying the Torah was the innate desire to one day again be able to sacrifice animals to atone for their sins. The words of Leviticus 17:11 have haunted them since the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD:

‘For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood by reason of the life that makes atonement.’ (Hebrews 9:22)

For years the Orthodox Jews had made excuses for not being able to fulfill that one clearly worded verse. God’s Word was clear, and they knew it. God said without the shedding of blood there could be no atonement for sin. And there was only one place God allowed sacrifices to happen—Mount Moriah. And now it was being offered to them in the peace treaty. Israel had come a long way since 1948.

Netanyahu quickly called in the top Orthodox leaders of the Hasidic, Chardal, Haredi and Modern Orthodox to discuss the Temple Mount aspect of the Peace Treaty. The surrealistic offer eventually boiled down to arguments regarding where the Temple could be built considering the location of the Dome of the Rock. But Netanyahu ultimately prevailed in getting support for the overall concept, regardless of where the Temple would be rebuilt. It seemed peace was close.

But Israel had been burned too many times in the past to rush into accepting any offer involving the Arabs. So Israel’s counter offer simply stated they would agree to all the terms for a four-year period. But if after four years the treaty was not working as promised, the treaty had to allow for cancellation and all foreign troops removed.

PEACE and his associate looked at the counteroffer and realized they needed much more time for the peace treaty terms to fully embed. Four years was not long enough to instill peace in a region that had been seemingly fighting forever.

So PEACE messaged back to Israel that he was willing to accept the provision but for a longer ten-year time period. Netanyahu, realizing what was at stake for the tiny but now powerful nation, suggested a simple compromise of seven years. PEACE and his cohort agreed, and the world was both shocked and relieved that the Middle East might finally be at peace. (Dan. 9:27)

As they signed the agreements, a small argument ensued over how to date the newly signed Peace Treaty. The Jews were insisting to use their Jewish calendar dating of 10 Tevet, 5784 because using a Gregorian “AD” date would represent a Christian dating method. PEACE offered a compromise. Since it was a new world with a new peace, he stated, “We’ll use a new calendar beginning with 1 WP.” It stood for World Peace.(Dan. 7:25)

Netanyahu signed the peace document, along with the date, “1-1-1WP.”

For PEACE, the last hurdle was to convince the world leaders, including the Arabs, to agree to the treaty. The news of the historic agreement that was consummated in such a short time traveled fast, elevating PEACE’s reputation even higher. He sent word to Brussels that he was on his way back to present the details with the leaders whom he had left in Brussels only 18 hours earlier.

Arriving back in Brussels PEACE was whisked to the Royal Windsor Hotel where the world leaders had regathered. He and his aide walked straight into the ballroom and up to the podium.

  “I have brokered a peace treaty” he said, looking around the room. “I will go over the commitment details personally with the following countries I have selected to engage the treaty: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.” (Dan. 7:24a-western leg; Dan. 2:42- five western toes)

  “What ‘commitment details’?” murmured Britain’s Prime Minister. PEACE stepped down off the stage and walked straight through the crowd to the somewhat startled British Prime Minister. It would have been impossible for PEACE to have heard his murmur. He could only assume
PEACE must have read his lips.

Regardless, PEACE went though the peace treaty points one-by-one with the Prime Minister nodding approval of each one. He then signed below Netanyahu’s signature.

France was next to personally talk to PEACE followed by Germany, Spain and Italy. Nervously they all agreed without offering any objection, and without any specific details of PEACE’s cashless monetary system. But all things considered, it was a monumental agreement negotiated in extraordinary conditions.

The treaty called for each country to be given responsibility for a percentage of funding based on its population. Until the new financial system was in place, transactions were to be in gold and/or silver as all paper money had become worthless post-Rapture. With nothing to lose, they all signed the peace treaty. (Dan. 9:27)

Lastly PEACE called together the five Arab leaders who were so desperate for peace; Saudi, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. (Dan. 7:24a-eastern leg; Dan. 2:42- five eastern toes)

The Muslim faithful had longed for their Mahdi/Savior to arrive and bring them to world domination. The Mahdi had been prophesied to arrive before the Day of Resurrection, rule for seven years, and rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and tyranny. PEACE clearly fit the bill, and the treaty for seven years convinced the leaders of his authenticity.

PEACE, speaking perfect Arabic, carefully outlined his peace plan and what the requirements would entail for the Arabs to be a part of it. The treaty would ensure peace with Israel, but PEACE had boldly, and quite unexpectedly, added two additional provisions for the Arabs.

1. Women would be given equal rights to men.
2. Homosexuals would be given full rights and privileges.

The stunned Arabs withdrew to meet privately. Women and homosexuals had never had rights in the history of the Muslim religion. So this challenged the very heart of the Arab culture. It was a stunning inclusion, and their loud and passionate arguments could be heard throughout the ballroom.

But in the end, they simply had no choice. They had no food, no water, no economy and Israel was moments away from finishing her military task at hand. The Arabs simply had no hope without this peace treaty.

But most importantly, if PEACE was their Mahdi, it was only a matter of time until he revealed his true goal of the Muslims ruling the world.

So reluctantly, with their backs to the wall, they too signed the treaty—also with the date of “1-1-1WP.” The PEACE Calendar would soon be required usage in all nations.

The Arabs sent word back that the Mahdi had indeed arrived. Otherwise, no Arab would go along with the highly offensive and culturally unacceptable terms regarding the rights of women and homosexuals.

It had been a whirlwind 50 days* since Rapture, but the world had drastically changed. A new calendar was in place and a seven-year peace treaty had begun with 10 nations agreeing to the provisions that would provide security for Israel. And a man named PEACE, and his odd side-kick, were consolidating power by the hour. (Dan. 8:25)

  * There were 50 days from the cross to Pentecost and the beginning of the Church Age. Therefore there will be 50 days from the Rapture at the end of the Church Age to the beginning of the Tribulation.


Click Here to go to chapter 4.

Bill Perkins is the founder and Executive Director of Compass International, Inc.
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The above article may be forwarded in its entirety (including credits) without permission

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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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