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Steeling the Mind Bible Conference

Steeling the Mind Prophecy Conference- Spokane, WA (GQ)

Saturday • March 5, 2016
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another!"
- Proverbs 27:17
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How Close Are We?
For twenty years Compass' Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences have been defending the accuracy of 2600-year-old Biblical prophecies and now we’re watching daily as they stunningly unfold before our eyes!

In fact, we're now witnessing the most prophetic fulfillment since Jesus arrived as Messiah 2000 years ago! How exciting! But what does all this mean for Believers between now and the Rapture? Where are we on God’s timeline? How can we best be used by the Lord in the exciting time ahead?

The Bible Has The Answer!
Whether Jesus' return is days or years away, join hundreds of other like-minded Believers to learn how to make wise decisions to better be used by the Lord with our families, friends and coworkers. We’ve lined up the best and brightest speakers to tackle tough topics designed to STEEL YOUR MIND with God's awesome Word!!

So grab your Bible, get excited, and come join us at the Historic Davenport Hotel for a day jam-packed with encouragement, information, and TRUTH!

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Lobby of Davenport Hotel
The Davenport Hotel is one incredibly beautiful hotel! So plan to kick back for a night or two at a greatly discounted price!

Also scroll down to see the great speakers and tough armoring topics!

Invest a day, reap rewards for a lifetime!


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Conference Schedule   

One Second After Rapture!

Andy Woods: College of Biblical Studies - Texas
Time: Sat - 9:00 AM

One minute, everything is normal. Then, without warning, an earth-shattering BOOM that forever changes the world! What will it be like immediately following our exhilarating exit? Andy will take us on a worldwide tour.

The Implications Of Living In "The Days of Noah"

Russ Miller: Creation Ministries - Arizona
Time: - 10 AM

The Bible says that the time just before Rapture will be "just like" the time before the worldwide flood. We know a lot about the world just before God shut the door, so what are the implications for us today?

Islam and God's Judgment in the Last Days

Shahram Hadian: Truth In Love Ministry - Washington
Time: - 11:00 AM

Shahram, raised a Muslim in Iran before coming to America with his parents and getting saved, explains what's going on around the world from a Biblical perspective. And it's shocking!

Masters of Deceit

Curtis Bowers: Film Producer - Illinois
Time: Sat - 1:30 PM

Curtis, a former Idaho legislator, opened a lot of eyes with his award-winning and #1 best-selling video “Agenda-Grinding America Down.” Now he’s exposing the purposeful, premeditated, and treasonous attacks on our American freedoms. Hold on to your seats for this one!!

The U.S. Constitution--How Long Will It Last?

Andy Woods: College of Biblical Studies - Texas
Time: - 2:30 PM

Satan's been hard at work trying to destroy our Biblically oriented constitution. So far it's stood the test of time, but will it continue to hold together until the Rapture? Andy looks at its past changes and future changes coming! Yikes!

Muslims in America-- Should We Be Concerned?

Shahram Hadian: Truth In Love Ministry - Washington
Time: - 3:30 PM

Islamic Law violates all five freedoms listed in the 1st Amendment: Religion, Speech, Assembly, Press and Addressing Grievances. Do you see a problem here? Shahram explains this no-win situation and what to expect if we continue down this path.

Money Matters!

Tom Cloud: Christian Financial Consultant- Georgia
Time: - 4:30PM

Are we at the end of the bear market in precious metals? What's happening worldwide of which few Americans are aware? Tom has some surprising answers with this phenomenal precious metals update!

Ask The Speakers Anything!

Speakers Banquet and Q&A: In the Maria Antoinette Ballroom Davenport Hotel
Time: - 6:00 PM

Join us for a great Davenport Hotel dinner and the always-entertaining, audience-generated Q&A! Ask for clarification of a remark or try to stump the speaker!

Healing America From Racial Hate

Jesse Lee Peterson: BOND/Rebuilding the Family Ministries
Time: - 7:30 PM

What is the real reason blacks riot in the streets? Jesse says it's a modern-day emotional slavery from race hustlers pushing welfare, food stamps and subsidized housing, shackling blacks worse than any 17th century slave trade ever could. He recently turned Hannity and Fox News upside down with his honest, straight-forward and Biblically rooted remarks! Don't miss this one!

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Conference Location

Davenport Hotel
10 South Post Street
Spokane, Washington 99201
Call: (509) 455-8888


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KIck back for the weekend in this stunningly beautiful hotel for an incredible discounted Steeling Conference rate!

Davenport Historic Regular rate: $179

Steeling Conference rate: $139--Save $40! WOW!!!

Davenport Tower (next door) Regular Rate: $159

Steeling Conference Rate: $119--Save $40!!! WOW!!!

Call hotel direct for reservations (509) 455-8888
Mention Compass to receive discounted room rate.

One of the advantages of attending the Steeling Conference live is fellowshipping with like-minded Believers from over 100 churches and browsing all the book tables with so many resources! Great armor for the Body!