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L   I  V  E     S  I  M  U  L  C  A  S  T
Steeling the Mind Simulcast Instructions:
If you can’t make the Steeling the Mind Conference being held in Denver, CO, Saturday, September 19th, you can still watch it live on your computer, tablet, smart phone or even your big screen digital TV! 
Here’s how:
1) Update Adobe Flash Player.
*** If you have not updated your computer's Adobe Flash Player recently, please do so immediately! It must be updated before attempting to view our flash live stream. Here is the link to update Adobe Flash Player:
2) Test the signal.
You can test your computer connection anytime...
When Adobe is updated and you’re ready to access the test signal or the live conference, go to this web address (click below or paste it into your browser):
Anytime prior to the conference you can check your settings clicking on the above link, and you’ll get this screen:
Click on the gray triangle in the center to test the signal.
If you can see and hear the test video, you’re good to go!
3) Watch On A Big Screen TV (optional)
If you wish to watch on your digital television we encourage you to test your TV prior the conference to make sure you're all set to go! 
You’ll need a special cable connected from your computer to the TV or, if projecting onto a screen, from the computer to the projector. The cable will connect from the sound/ earphone jack on your computer to the audio inputs on your TV (usually a red and yellow jack on your TV) or projector.
TV inputs vary so the type of connector needed to make your TV work depends on your particular television (HDMI, VGA or DVI cables). You can usually find these cables at Best Buy or Radio Shack.
If your TV is a flatscreen on the wall, this can be a challenge finding the correct inputs for both the video and audio streams. So do a test to make sure you have both the video and sound working.
Wireless laptops can usually be placed near the television. But non-laptops work better (if the TV is in close proximity the computer) as it's best to use a hardwire connection for Internet for the Simulcast. You can use wireless, but the chance of having a minor problem is much greater (Problems like screen freezes for a split second, etc.) It's just not quite as fast as direct wire hook-ups.
If you have a black screen with a spinning star-wheel, or if your video stops partway through the presentation, try refreshing/reloading/rebooting your page.
If you’re hooking up to your TV, and not sure what you’re doing, you may need to find a geek, usually a person under 25 years old, and tell them what you want to do. They can get you set up. grin
There will be a live conference test signal  that begins two hours prior to the conference, 7 AM to 9 AM, MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE
°        Please connect and test your speakers ahead of time.
°        Please use the following internet browsers (in this order or preference): 
          o Chrome 
          o Mozilla Firefox 
          o Safari
  o Internet Explorer 8
Our tech support line will be open during the conference. Call Shawn at 509-981-6883 or send a "text" to
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